Who We Are

When Global Horizons, Inc. began sixteen years ago, it was the first company to establish a new and improved labor-recruiting, labor-providing business model to meet the temporary and permanent needs of employers worldwide. The company is continuing to set a powerful new standard in Twenty-First Century recruiting. An emerging industry leader, it is successfully turning local, regional and national workforce challenges into significant opportunities.

The Global Horizons story began in 1989, in the midst of a massive worker shortage in a foreign country. Born out of necessity and acting boldly, the newly-formed organization brought thousands of qualified workers into a strategic nation, averting impending economic disaster for that country. Today, Global continues to build on the experience and wisdom gained during that time of humble beginnings.

One of the company's world-wide network of contract labor providers in fifteen countries, and on four continents. Recruiting quality workers from diverse places like Thailand, India, Nepal, Israel, as well as Eastern and Western Europe, Global Horizons brings those workers to any economy where domestic labor is in short supply because of the "economic evolution" occurring in that particular country. This, of course, includes the United States of America.

Global Horizons, Inc. thinks globally and acts locally with a post-9/11-worldview, one which understands that economies cannot continue to grow and prosper without an ample, qualified and legal workforce. Too, it understands the aspirations of countless workers who dream of having better jobs in better places, but who wish to return to their country of native origin when they've completed the job. This fulfills both the economic and security needs of the host country.

The World Headquarters of Global Horizons, Incorporated is located in the 2355 Westwood Blvd # 722 Los Angeles CA . For more information on how you can benefit from an alliance with Global Horizons, call 310-817-0408 , Fax 310-765-6275.

Global Horizons Inc. World Headquarters:
2355 Westwood Blvd # 722
Los Angeles CA

Phone   310-817-0408
Fax       310-765-6275



  The Immigrant Investor Program, which is structured and guaranteed by the Government, offers business people and their families the unique opportunity to obtain an unconditional visa as well as permanent residence in Canada, leading to Canadian citizenship.

  Thanks to this Program, thousands of business people and their families have emigrated to Canada in the past decade.
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